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The greatest lesson I have learned from my photography is just how fragile life is. Prior to my retirement, from my professional career, I attended a local community college to acquire an additional degree.  “Bad; really, really bad”; that was the comment I received when I proudly displayed a macro shot of a butterfly to my natural resources college professor.  The same professor became my mentor and photography instructor over the next five years. I received my photography training under the mentoring of nationally acclaimed nature photographer, Professor Rob Simpson. Thank you Rob; I am determined to capture a really, really good image of those elusive butterflies.

In 2003 I received the Photography Careers Certificate from Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, VA. Four years earlier, in 1999,I was the Honor Graduate of the Natural Resources Management Degree program at Lord Fairfax Community College. An additional degree for Environmental Technology was awarded in 2000. My combination of professional technical training and a diverse knowledge of nature and natural history are the keys to meet your specific request.

I am a retired American Airlines Captain and former Army helicopter pilot. After a combined 35 years of flying commercial jet airliners and military aircraft I am now retired and pursuing my next greatest passion, nature photography. I can now say “Gear Down & Locked”! The combat decorations earned in the Vietnam War, as a Medevac helicopter pilot, serve as a daily reminder of the brave men & women who touched my life during that time. The medical evacuation missions I flew, known as DUSTOFF, were the proudest days of my life.

While nature photography is my true love, I also enjoy photographing the beauty & history of the Shenandoah Valley and the Appalachians, small “Hobby Farms”, Historical Reenactments, Outdoor Recreation, and unique “Americana” images. Other areas of my photographic interest include the North Carolina Outer Banks, the desert Southwest, and the Adirondack Park, NY. This diversity has its benefits and provides the foundation for my photo stock business.