"Burning eyes" is what one sees when looking directly into the eyes of a wolf. The experience is immediately breathtaking. When the eye to eye contact is made it is captivating and, believe it or not, I felt strangely calm near this beautiful wild creature. October 2009 offered a unique photo opportunity but also the privileges of being close enough to actually touch one of the animals. Located in Washington County, Florida; Seacrest is the largest wolf preserve in the Southeastern United States. The mission of Seacrest is twofold; first to provide a safe haven for illegally displaced; injured; or sick animals and secondly to provide education to the public on the importance of the Gray Wolf [Timber Wolf] (Canis lupus) in a balanced wild ecosystem within wolf habitat. Seacrest is operated by Cynthia and Wayne Watkins on their 400 acre farm "The Oaks". Both are certified in wildlife rehabilitation and operate the not for profit organization under license from the State of Florida and the United States Department of Agriculture. Wayne (pictured in this gallery) is a retired U.S. Army Medical Service Corps Officer who, like me, served in Vietnam as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot flying the "Dustoff Mission". Discovering Seacrest was more than just finding a unique place for my photography it was a chance to return to my past. Wayne was my former commanding officer when we were both assigned to the 254th Medical Detachment H.A. (Helicopter Ambulance) in Nha Trang, Republic of South Vietnam in 1970. Our meeting at Seacrest was our first since we both returned home almost 40 years ago. To learn more about this special wildlife refuge; please visit. http://www.seacrestwolfpreserve.org/index.php